Tendon Canyon Dry 9

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Tendon makes the best ropes in the world and the Canyon Dry is no different. The 9mm diameter keeps the weight low and the rappels steady. Tendon’s proprietary Teflon Dry Treatment is first applied to the core strands then later to the sheath. This dry treatment inside and out keeps water from soaking in and weighing you down. The sheath weave and dry treatment help to increase abrasion resistance.  The highly visible color guarantees that you’ll be able to see the rope in the deepest pools and darkest caverns. The Canyon Dry starts out with great handling and keeps its great handling even after extended use. No more cursing stiff rough ropes!

Technical data
Dry Treated
Number of falls (min.) 16
Elongation (50-150 kg) (%) 3.6
Used material Nylon
CE 1019 yes
Rope diameter (mm) 9.0
Shrinkage (%) 1
Min. strength 28 (kN)
Min. strength with knots (kN) 18.4
rope type A
EN 1891 yes
Weight (g/m) 59
Relative mass of sheat (%) 44
Sheath slippage (mm) 0.2
Carrier 40