Tendon Lowe 9.7

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The rope that Adam Ondra sent the Dawn Wall with! This new ultralight rope is the lightest 9.7 diameter rope in the world. Its weight of 55 g/m it is comparable to ropes having a diameter of less than 9.2 mm. Making this the perfect redpoint rope for your project. By maintaining the bigger rope diameter in the Lowe 9.7, you gain improved  handling and safety over narrower ropes, without sacrificing the performance that a light weight rope provides.

Technical data
Sheath slippage (%) -0.15
CE 1019 yes
Number of UIAA falls min 6
Max. impact force (kN) 8.6
Static elongation (%) 7.4
Dynamic elongation (%) 32
EN 892 yes
Diameter (mm) 9.7
Weight (g/m) 55