Tendon Master TeFix 9.7

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The Master TeFix 9.7 is your new favorite rope. On the safety front, the SBS sheath provides an incredible level of durability and the sheath is bonded to the core with a new patented technology that uses thin fibers to fuse the two layers together. Even with the high level of durability, the handling is fantastic and leaves nothing to be desired. Better still the Master TeFix comes in two bright color options, each available with dry treatment or standard finish. Who says a workhorse can’t look good!

Technical data
Dry Treated
Sheath slippage (%) 0
CE 1019 yes
Rope diameter (mm) 9.4
Number of UIAA falls min 5
Number of UIAA falls max 7
Max. impact force (kN) 7
Static elongation (%) 6.2
Dynamic elongation (%) 37
EN 892 yes
Weight (g/m) 58