Tendon Timber Evo 12.5

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The Timber Evo 12.5 was developed for the professional that prefers a more robust rope, without adding a lot of weight. This double braided rope has a robust 24 strand polyester sheath with excellent abrasion resistance. The high strength nylon core has just 3% stretch, enabling you to limit wasted energy, but still maintaining a good level of safety. The sheath is woven to make ascending with any method smooth and easy. You’ll also appreciate that the sheath has virtually no slippage in real world use. This rope was designed mainly as a climbing rope, but does well as a rigging line, providing just enough stretch to absorb some shock and keep things safe. 

While this rope may be thicker than the other Timber Evo ropes, it’s not going to weigh you down. It weighs 104 g/m, which means a 50m rope comes in just under 11.5 lbs. Developed with the help of the Arbor and Forestry department at Mendel University (Brno, Czech Rep.) you can be sure that Tendon Timber Evo ropes will perform at the highest level.

Tendon Timber Evo ropes are available in 11mm, 11.5mm and 12.5mm, guaranteeing that you can get the right rope for the right job.

Available in lengths (meter)

30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 200

Spliced eye available on request

24 Strand

Technical Specifications 

Diameter – 12.5mm
Weight – 104 g/m
Falls – 20 min.
Mass of Sheath – 48%
Sheath Slippage – 0mm
Elongation (110 – 330 lbs) – 3%
Shrinkage – 0.6%
Strength – 39kN
Min. Strength w/knots – 22kN
Material – Polyester sheath, Nylon core
Type – A