Tendon Hattrick 10.2 - Gym Rope

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The Hattrick 10.2 is a robust rope, perfect for a top rope in climbing gyms. Hattrick ropes use the Tendon Secure technology and have 4 layers. First a braided core together with a parallel core, a braided intermediate sheath, and finally the outer braided SBS sheath.

     From the outside in you'll find a very smooth and durable sheath with 1 x 1 braiding. This sheath is designed to withstand constant abrasion on sandstone walls, it holds up great on indoor walls. The braided intermediate sheath is a safety feature that keeps the sheath from sliding down the core strands in the event the sheath is cut through. It also helps to keep the rope nice and round, along with the braided inner core, they keep the rope from getting flat spots. Tendon Hattrick 10.2 won't fuzz out quickly and won't get stiff and hard, making belaying difficult. The Hattrick 10.2 is being adopted by gyms all over the US. 

Technical data
Sheath slippage (%) 0
CE 1019 yes
Rope diameter (mm) 10.2
Number of UIAA falls min 5
Max. impact force (kN) 8.2
Static elongation (%) 5.4
Dynamic elongation (%) 33
EN 892 yes
Weight (g/m) 66