Tendon Rigging Pro 5/8" (16mm)

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Tendon's long loved 4-strand rigging rope has been securing loads for decades. The 4 strand design and rope material used makes this 5/8" (16mm) rope significantly stronger than other similar 3-strand ropes. Minimum breaking strength of 9734 lbs (43.3 kN) will get your loads safely to the ground. 

The 4-strand design also keeps the rope more round so that it runs through gear more smoothly. Works great for natural crotch rigging as well. Holds knots well.

4 Strand Solid Braid

Technical Specifications 

Diameter – 16mm (5/8")
Weight – 35.9 g/ft
Elongation (110 – 330 lbs) – 3%
Shrinkage – 0.6%
Strength kN– 43.3kN
Min. Breaking Strength lbs. - 9734 lbs
Material – Polyethylene/Polypropylene